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Inspirational Quotes Part I

This is the first series from my self-project on Motion Graphic, especially 2D animation.

The idea comes from my everyday life, particularly when I doubt about  the path I should take to realize my dreams. And when those time comes, I always remember this word “whatever your dreams, make it come true. Don’t give up until very-very end”. So, I begin sketch visually those words, and translate it on visual language.

Dragon: A symbol associating Asia?

Did you noticed, a visual symbols that represent Asia? The most answer is: Dragon and Yin Yang symbol. A Yin Yang symbols is Ok, because almost every people in Asia knew it, even Middle East Asians. Otherwise, Yin Yang symbol have a long story about Asians. The depth meaning of Yin Yang symbol has been understood by most Asian people, all because of widespread Taoism and Confucianism teaching. But, what about the dragon?, the dragon is different than Yin Yang symbols who have a depth meaning while dragon is just a myth creatures matter. From my viewpoint the dragon cannot represent the Asia and Asian people as visual device. Asia have a lot of cultures!.

The Origin of dragon itself as Myth Creatures rooted from china, to Korean Peninsula, until Japan. So, if you see the dragon symbol on every visual communication form, and the context is to say “Asia”, actually it refers to China.  But why it’s so common to visualize “Asia or Asians” with Dragon? European have dragon too, but I ever seen those symbols used to identify Europe. Now, dragon symbol being a default symbol to represent Asia, and it’s overused.

My stupid answer why dragon is overused symbol to represent Asia is simple, because it’s cool. But that’s not the point. I think all because widespread of Chinese culture and Chinese people who live in outside china. They’re everywhere, from USA to Europe, from north-pole until south-pole. Not sure, if they are in Africa too. The point is Chinese carried this dragon as their identity because they’re live in outside their homeland. Otherwise, many Chinese people uphold tight their culture in wherever they are. Slowly, this culture and its identity leverage across the globe wherever Chinese people live in. Eventually dragon become most overused symbol to represent Asia (because Chinese coming from East Asia continent).

Sometimes, it’s ridiculous thing for me. As I stated above, Asia have rich culture as well as visual symbols. But, why just these two symbols have been chosen to represent Asia by most people even they’re not Asians? Why not to explore another symbol?. For example, if we put a boundaries to choose only animal or creatures as visual symbol to represent Asia—India have a king cobra, Thailand have an elephant, Indonesia have a Garuda bird, Arabian have a camel, Korean have a Tiger, etc.

I think, it is a challenge for me as new generation designer to have depth understanding about our own culture before we design something, so we can add a value as well as meaning to our artwork. Not just merely put visual element for nothing in our artwork. I’m not opposed one culture to another here, just giving my perspective on what’s happen now. The Chinese people have done a great work to incorporating their native culture into their Art and spread across the world with consistent identity. It’s time for us to do same as Chinese do, are we?

Live in Harmony

Kite of Hope

I created this poster to celebrate my country independence day on 17 August. This two poster have different message  for every Indonesian people. 66 years independence isn’t short-period, in between Indonesians walk through up and down years, uncertainty, even living in fears.  For some people it can be “dark era” because  political regime suppress. It reach climax in May ’98, where all of Indonesian people make a movement to shutdown political regime who failed to bring advance development as well as freedom to Indonesian people.

The new reformation bring a new air for Indonesian with a lot of new hope, Indonesia’s has been re-structured  for almost in all aspect, politics, education, health, etc. It give Indonesian people’s spirit to drive a country bright future. But, what I see nowadays instead of bright future we are falling into dark future. Corruption has been death disease and source of all this country mess. Bad government causing some of Indonesian people try to separate and want to make his own country with his own government, those people creating wars with current government. Otherwise, ethnic and religion issue adding this country chaos even more worse.

My first poster titled ‘live in harmony’ address every Indonesian people to remind himself that Indonesia is a rich country culture as well as ethnic, if we can appreciate and tolerance each other, we can living in harmony and build this country. Don’t waste your time by hating each other, mind your own business, and accept that we must living in pluralism in order to unite in one umbrella: Indonesia.

My second poster titled ‘Kite’ address every Indonesian young gun’s, we are the  future of this country, so keep moving and giving our best not just to our country now, but to our old life later. We want peace living when we retire later, and this is the time we can set our future. Although we have a very bad government, slowly they’re will retire or death. And when those time happen, we are ready to take those place as a leader to drive this country future. No matter what happen now, keep fight for the future generations.  Bravo Indonesia!

Positive Poster 2011



My submitted poster for positive poster 2011 competition.

Perfume Packaging Concept

2IST Rear view Bottle2IST rearview bottle2IST fullview Packaging2IST front bottle

2IST is a new perfume brands in Middle to High-End Male Category, 2IST pronounce Twist is my second packaging concept project. The theme of this packaging is: Masculine, Active, and Smart. I found many perfume brands, especially high-end brand for male perfume usually elegant, they’re a little line product in high-end perfume who have an active theme.

This package designs embrace those three themes to create a new form of package design in high-end consumer category, particularly Male consumers. The shapes of a bottle have a functional benefit: easy to handle, where the overall bottle shape give a sense of masculinity and active. The bottle package itself looks like a gift, my reason for this choice is: I want a consumer think this product is special.

If you have a different perspective, don’t hesitate to comment. Thank you.


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